A Short Speech for these Troubled Times

My fellow Americans,

The hour is late, and I, a young man in these United States, am saddened by the state of affairs through which we citizens are subjected to on what seems to be an increasingly recurrent basis.  Every day we rise to a nation bombarded by the next school shooting; the next supremacist rally; the next dosage of ill-focused rhetoric put forth by our elected officials.

And I believe I speak for all of us when I simply say this: I am tired of it all.

Our society has fallen into injustice, with rules and laws being consistently neglected by those whom are supposed to uphold the tenets of the Constitution.  A Constitution that,  as once a covenant of and for revolutionaries, has failed to provide statutes that stand the test of an ever-growing, ever-changing public sector.

And while we have done this injustice in and unto ourselves at an ever increasing rate, so too have we failed to be accountable on the world stage.  Long past are the days where we can garner respect from foreign entities based on the strength of our military might alone.  For while our armed forces certainly deserve the utmost respect from all sources, it is a fallacy to assume that growth, both foreign and domestic, can occur when the majority of national funding is dedicated to the continued research of how better to kill another human being.

So too are our relationships with one another adulterated by prejudice, fear, and outdated philosophies.  It is ironic that in an age when the distances between individuals have become naught that the gap between common understanding has become so wide as to be seemingly impassable.

The duty, then, by you, by me, by all in the coming days, should be to work towards closing this chasm of alienation.  War, discrimination, and social injustice will quickly crumble under the weight of a shared worldly goal – a united effort that we Americans must strive towards, shouldering the greatest of the weight in the process.  For if we wish to see the change we believe in then we must be the first practitioners of our new world philosophy.

Together we have the chance to usher in the modern renaissance – the age of unity.  It will not be easy, as those who spread the words that keep us apart are well and fair in their judgement, and to that we must concede – as the ability to speak, and to speak freely, may very well be the most important piece of the social puzzle.  We, as revolutionaries in our own right, must learn to fight prejudice by spreading love, to dismantle hostilities by opening our arms, and to accept that America should not be the focal point of society by default.

Every individual, and every nation thereafter, has something to offer toward the grand orchestra that continues to play into this night – and forever onward – on this pale blue dot.  Together we can work to harmonize the chords, but it requires a realization that the conductor is not any one member, but a unified effort consisting of the full sum of its parts.

The sun also rises, and together, my fellow Americans, we can work toward the dawning of a new day, and every day thereafter.  For We, The People, are due to take responsibility for our actions, and humbly step forward to take accountability for the new era that approaches.

Together we shall rise.

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